The Inconvenience Of Being Black : A Film About Driving While Black

Written on 10/13/2020
Dick Burroughs

Ukachi, the writer and director of the critically acclaimed short film "The Inconvenience Of Being Black",  is a New York-based producer/director with a love of stories. From a very early age, Ukachi has always been captivated by the power of stories, and speaks about that power with reverence when he says "before there were pens & paper; before there were typewriters and Ipads human beings used stories to record their history, convey their dreams, and to inspire one another”. For over 15 years Ukachi has been telling stories in the film and television industry in New York, Shanghai, & Lagos.

His latest short film, The Inconvenience of Being Black, highlights the challenges of driving while Black during a routine traffic stop. The story resonates with so many people who go through the types of challenges that make you question your faith in humanity, and is relevant as a story that could be on the evening news any day of the week, with an ending that results in the young Black man's death.


After spending 10 years in Shanghai working as a commercial director for brands such as Converse, Max Mara & Baume Mercier to name a few, Ukachi returned to New York committed to making films that make a difference. His first short film Searching For The Promised Land focused on the plight of a homeless teen.

The Inconvenience of Being Black from UNO Digital on Vimeo.

A young motorist faces the challenges of driving while Black during a routine traffic stop.