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Written on 11/06/2020
Dick Burroughs

Beyond The Protests (BTP) is a new digital platform and app, built to harness the full social justice might and economic power of the African Black Diaspora. BTP is a collective of Black voices designed to guide the narrative that counters the continual and systemic racism in the United States. A key goal is to manifest substantive and lasting change to the situation in America and to exemplify everything which is positive, Black, and beautiful. BTP's mission is to demand equality and liberty promised to every American by the constitution while showcasing our indomitable culture. 

BTP will help African Black Diaspora migrate our mindset from checkers to chess, through powerful and pivotal content presented across multiple mediums. It will be a destination for critical conversations, difficult dialogue, and engaging expressions of culture, as we fight for social justice and equality while pushing the community to embrace cooperative economics. Black lives matter murals, streets named after deceased Black heroes, and the passion of protests are symbolic and reactionary responses to America’s persistently consistent, dehumanization of African Black Diaspora; yet that’s just a single side of the sword. 

Since steel sharpens steel, BTP will function as an additional voice with the purpose of ardent justice and conclusive peace, as we stand up for the respect and safety of Black lives. BTP will connect the African Black Diaspora (ABD) community and culture, with a focus on top ABD locations, HBCU cities across the country, and the New York Tri-State area. For the pre-launch, BTP will feature a curated preview of written pieces, along with powerful photos and video content to be highlighted in sections covering art & culture, leisure, shopping, eating out, and event listings. We’re also a platform for critical analysis of issues affecting the ABD community and seek content reflecting that. 

A key platform for creating change is through using our financial might to empower our own community while wielding our substantial spending power as a tool against people, places, and things that actively and covertly disrespect, and act against the progress and equality of the African Black Diaspora community. America respects money, so we’ll make them respect ours. 

...we thank you in advance.--

Desire & Determination

Dick Burroughs