City Workshop Supply Co. Is The Men's Lifestyle Shop That You Should Know About

Written on 11/06/2020
Dick Burroughs

It's no lie that men can be fickle shoppers, especially when clothing is concerned. Trying on clothes is a complete hassle and the whole process is a very fussy ordeal. Yet if you create a cool store that's very comfortable, caters to men from all angles, and has a super high and tight, expertly curated selection of men's clothing and lifestyle products, then you'll likely get the customer and develop a cult-like following, which sounds like City Workshop Supply Co, located in Maplewood New Jersey.

The shop and website, which is run by husband and wife team Roger and Josefina Stevens, is celebrating their 5th year in business on November 7th, 2020,  was conceived when the couple decided to leave their corporate jobs in the dust and open a local men's shop. But in reality, they were creating a men's casual lifestyle shop. They set out to make a cool place where men could feel comfortable purchasing products that were the highest of quality but were also only available in limited quantity.

Using a holistic approach, they started with denim which has been an American staple for over 100 years. They began to source brands whose collective stories resonated on many levels such as quality, detail, craftsmanship, civic duty, and environmental consciousness and aren't necessarily looking for the brand that's popping in music videos and trending on Twitter. They started with American made products and then expanded globally. The result was a highly curated shop of updated timeless pieces. 

Now enter the COVID-19 pandemic, which hit the Tri-State region like a hammer.  The ensuing quarantine and mitigation measures came at a time when the shop was settling in at their new store, having moved from West Orange, New Jersey for a location in Maplewood that offered increased foot traffic and a downtown vibrancy and energy.

Though everything changed overnight, they worked smartly, adapted to the environment, and pivoted with a purpose. The online shop has become a bigger piece of their overall business, with athleisure wear in particular showing categorical robustness. Which makes all the sense since people are doing everything from home, and can dress casual and relaxed,  but want to be stylish in their comfortable clothes.

If you have men in your life that deserve classic, fresh and small-batch products, from denim and kicks, to accessories and apothecary, City Workshop is your spot. Hit them up via their website  or get social with them on Instagram

Looking forward to 2021, perhaps City Workshop will partner with an apparel brand on designing a capsule collection or maybe utilize their impeccable taste and sensibilities to release men's lifestyle products in tandem with some of the unique brands that they stock.  They definitely have expansion on their mind, with a City Workshop Supply Co in New York City a real possibility!

Either way, support small businesses and especially ones that are Black and Women-owned. Connect with them on Instagram or on their website

By Dick Burroughs