A Letter To Joe Biden From The African Black Diaspora Communty

Written on 11/01/2020
Dick Burroughs



Congratulations on winning the 2020 election Joseph Biden you are now the president of the United States of America. Unfortunately, you will not have the luxury of a honeymoon period that was afforded to past presidents because the country is in an unprecedented pandemic, the economy is in shambles, the nation has incredibly deep divisions, and your term follows a complete clown show. This letter comes from the African Black Diaspora to express our concerns and what we want from you and your presidency.  


African Black Diaspora in America is traditionally used as a political football for both conservatives and liberals in the American political system and now that you’ve won, rest assured that a vast amount of us saw through the malarky and voted against Trump, by voting for you. You just didn't inspire people. You should start working on that. Presidents usually inspire people and that inspiration comes from passion and nobody is passionate about you Joe. Trump's base might be cuckoo and racist, but they were passionate about that ma. Out there wearing their silly red trucker hats with that nauseating catchphrase and risking COVID-19 to attend his mask-less pep rallies. 


It has been a long four years in America, but it’s been a long and arduous existence PERIOD for the African Black Diaspora in America. Slave patrols have turned into police departments, and state-sanctioned violence is now captured in 4K video and splashed all around the world in mere hours, but ain’t much changed really. Defunding the police has been a recent rallying call and for a good reason. It is a systemic issue with police and the ABD community, highlighted by the recent killing of Walter Wallace Jr in Philadelphia. 


Bringing guns and badges to environments that need compassion and experience with mental health cases and social work is a recipe for disaster. Rooting out systemic racism from police departments should come from a federal level through training/retraining initiatives. 


Perhaps defunding rings different, and you prefer the term reallocation of funding, but honestly Mr. Biden, all of that is semantics and a distraction. Removing qualified immunity for police needs a federal push as well since there is a tremendous amount of police personnel in multiple departments across the country and it will never get done coming from the municipal or local level. The police unions wield a lot of power and can be persuasive in painting a perceived foe as easy on crime, but that shouldn’t be a deterrent to doing the right thing.


And I know how White people hate to talk about slavery, but that won’t make it go away. Black Americans have not been compensated for the centuries of slavery that helped build the American Dream, while destroying our family infrastructure, denying us humanity, and blocking our road to generational wealth. Serious, concerted efforts to work out a plan to repay the descendants of slavery in America should be on your to-do list for the ABD community. 


Forming a committee to navigate the process of giving back to the descendants of slavery as a way to counter systematic racism would be a start. The income and wealth disparities between African-American and White Americans is substantial and shocking. Balancing the playing field would have long arching, positive results.


America is incredibly divided right now, and you need to work to bring people together. The animosity directed towards the younger, progressive faction of your political party is startling. The democratic side of the political aisle is bubbling with young and fresh faces, representing Black, Brown, and female voices. Those politicians need mentoring and given real-world experience on committees and in foreign affairs to broaden their governing skills. They should not be sidelined and treated like a novelty. They were mocked and slurred with catchy nicknames by the previous administration, and that is unacceptable.


The past four years have been terrible. The two political parties are operating as enemies, and not entities required to work together for the betterment of the republic. Stop the partisan B.S. It’s not good for the country and what’s not good for the country, in general, is horrible for the ABD community in America. Just like COVID-19, which is bad for the country, but it has devastated the ABD community, with statistics that look like numbers from a developing nation and not America.


You will also have to work with other leaders to make the vaccination program for the ABD community become the gold-standard and followed for future pandemics. We have had it with medical science and unsanctioned, illegal testing on the ABD community; yet, Joe, you have to push through to find a solution. Push past our memory of the Tuskegee Experiment and the hundred of years of mistreatment, so that the ABD community doesn't let fear and muscle memory of past deceptions keep us from us taking a working and safe vaccine.


The ABD is determined to use the economic might of our 40+ million people community to impact state actors, private companies and brands, and any entity that does not have our best interest at heart. If we pull our money out from the economy, it will reverberate resoundingly and be felt all across the country; and in a global economy, that action will be felt everywhere.


African Black Diaspora in America needs opportunities to create a better life and need access to resources and capital. Small businesses are the lifeblood of America, and Black people need the doors to open up for financing small businesses and home loans to put Black people on the road to building generational wealth. It might be difficult, but you need to start all of your efforts with the question: “How will it affect the ABD community". You already know how it feels to be White. Your second nature is to act with the best intentions of White people in mind; but perhaps you need to act like you are a Black person and do right by the most important group of people in America, whose blood, sweat, and tears were the harvests for generational wealth for White people.  


We expect greatness from you joe! Don't let us down or this experiment called America will be in even deeper trouble!


Yours Truly,


Dick Burroughs