A Letter To Donald Trump From The African Black Diaspora Community

Written on 10/14/2020
Christopher Means

Greetings Donald Trump,

Should you be re-elected, you must do more to bring the country together to be the great nation you display on your red hats. It cannot be a country that continues to disenfranchise all those lovely individuals outside of your base. I’m writing to appeal to any sense of humanity and decency. For the record, I'm a Black man of the African & Black Diaspora (ABD) and I'm deeply concerned about your impending re-election. I was born and raised in the United States of America and my family has been here since the 1700s.

I know you think you’re the best at your job and that you believe your overall record towards Black people has been the best in American history. I would like to let you know that the majority of the ABD does not believe the same. In fact, your speeches are very very divisive. Your language has sparked a rise in domestic terrorism, a rise in killings of ABD citizens by police and an income gap that continues to grow between the have’s and the have nots. 
Let me be clear...your treatment is extremely poor towards the disenfranchised citizens of this country and I'm not talking about your temporary courting of the Kanye West, Ice Cubes, 50 Cents, and Little Waynes of the world. Entertainers do not represent the collective voices of Black America.

In 1968, James Baldwin wrote…” The reason that Black people are in the streets has to do with the lives they’re forced to lead in this country.” If the tone of this sentence sounds familiar, it is because, in the year 2020, the US is experiencing a repeat of a history which involves a rise in racial tension. Mr. Baldwin would continue…” They (Black people) are forced to lead these lives by indifference and apathy and by a certain kind of ignorance, very willful ignorance on the part of their co-citizens.”

Similar to 1968, the willful ignorance of 2020 is the fact that people of the African & Black Diaspora in America continue to face an overwhelming higher rate of economic strife and lack of proper health care, which you continue to try to dismantle. If re-elected, you will have a million deaths of US Citizens on your hands by trying to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately, the majority of these deaths will be ABDs. You laugh at Black Lives Matter because most of your base does not feel the life of Black people matters. 
What you all fail to understand is that Black Lives Matter is not a hostile group of Black people. The movement is the voice of human beings who are absolutely for and care about America. It’s not that everyone’s life doesn’t matter, it’s the fact that Black people are dying by additional circumstances, which include dying at the hands of white law enforcement and at a much higher rate than their white counterparts. 
As James Baldwin mentioned in 1968… “We don’t want to be defined by you. We think that we might learn a great deal from each other as long as you can overcome the curtain of our color. The curtain of our color is what you use to avoid facing the facts of our common history, the facts of American life...we are people like you.

Though I may not speak for all 40 million ABDs in the US, I do speak with a collective voice of highly concerned citizens. This is our truth. We the people of the African & Black Diaspora will develop Financial Solidarity during your next four years in office. We will remove our financial dollars out of every institution which aligns in racial insensitive rhetoric and behavior. We will no longer support our entertainers and sports stars who go along with being used as puppets towards Black causes. 
Beyond The Protests will be the movement of financial standard barriers that demand the respect of 40 million citizens in the United States of America. Work with us, or financial institutions will perish without the support of the African & Black Diaspora. James Baldwin would finish in his speech of 1968…” It’s not I'm telling you, time is telling you. You will listen, or you will perish.” Mr. President, be better if you are re-elected and do not let America perish.


God bless America,


Chris Means